About my group server implementation

Have you tried the group features now available in Fedibird and QOTO?

When I implement this group function on the server, I will write down the intended points.

Compatibility with the current implementation

The intent is for the current major ActivityPub servers (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, and others) to be able to join the group without any special additional features.

At AP Conf, it looks like participants discussed what the group should be in a session. I’m sure it’s going to be great, using a new mechanism that the current implementation can’t handle. I’m looking forward to it! Here we want to provide a group that you can use right now until they become available.

Announce based delivery

By delivering with Announce, we will be able to handle participants from Pleroma who do not have LD Signature in Note, and for moderation purposes, we will be able to reject Announce and delete any post.

Also, my implementation forwards Create Activity before announcing from the group server.

If the members of the group belong to 100 different servers, up to 99 fetches will be made to the origin server for each post. Eliminate this fetch by forwarding Create-Note in advance.

However, this forward may not be accepted. Mastodon has just been changed to accept it from v3.2.0.

Group Discovery

You want to implement a group directory and search so that you can find useful groups on the server that uses the group. However, not all Group Actors are welcome to be discovered. You may be using the Group Actor simply for technical reasons, or it may be a secret group.

Therefore, I decided to use the discoverable flag of the Mastodon Actor. (This is a flag to allow listing in the directory)

Decentralization and Portability

The group requires a central server. This is currently unavoidable, so an alternative is to ensure portability. That is, you can use the account migration feature to transfer members to another Group Actor. Even if you do not agree with the abolition of the group server or the change of the operation policy, we will move everything to the new group server so that you can continue. Most issues have already been resolved with the Mastodon-based group server.

Delegating group discovery to each distributed server is a deliberate design.

@playground 「かわいい」がわからなかったアスミさんも「愛くるしい」がわかるようになりました #precure

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